Tom supported President Trump’s Tax Cut because he knows that you spend your money best, not the government.

Tom is fed-up with the government holding back Americans from achieving the success we all know is within our reach.  To fight back, Tom is a relentless fighter against excessive regulation and bureaucratic red-tape.

Americans want to work.  When we’re in the driver’s seat, nothing can stop us.



Tom believes good trade deals put Americans first.

Agreeing with President Trump, policymakers should never be ashamed of fighting for America’s best interests.

Tom will hold accountable any country that violates our trade deals because he believes Americans work too hard to get taken advantage of by those breaking the rules.



As a former prosecutor, Tom believes that the rule of law makes America great.

For far too long, Washington bureaucrats have flaunted our immigration laws.

To fight back, Tom supports defunding any sanctuary city of Federal funds.

Recognizing that a nation without borders is not a nation, Tom supports securing our borders first.

Tom also believes that the misguided visa lottery and chain migration must end.

As a second generation American, Tom is very aware of the hope and opportunity America affords to all seeking a better life.  Any immigration proposal that grants amnesty to those who broke the law only punishes those who seek to come to America by following the law.


Health Care

Tom has continuously voted to repeal, defund, and replace Obamacare at every opportunity. While Tom believes that every American should have access to quality and affordable health care, he is fundamentally opposed to the government intrusion of Obamacare into the health care decisions of American families. He believes that the law must be repealed and replaced with more effective reforms.

Tom believes that no insurance company should be able to deny an American for a pre-existing medical condition.



As a former prosecutor, Tom has dedicated his career to putting drug lords and drug dealers behind bars.

Tom understands that solving the opioid crisis plaguing our families does not have a silver bullet.  Fighting opioid abuse requires bringing people together, ranging from hospitals to doctors to churches to families.  That’s exactly what Tom has done and will continue to do in Washington.

He believes that those afflicted with addiction need access to the treatment they need without prejudice.


Keeping America Secure

Tom understands that taking the fight to our nation’s enemies is the only way to protect our country.

That means diplomacy and, when necessary, the use of overwhelming and resolute force.

Our fighting men and women deserve every resource we can provide them to deter our enemies.  Tom will continue to vote to fund our military.


Medicare and Medicaid

Tom believes that a promise made is a promise kept.  In turn, he has voted to preserve and protect Medicare.

Furthermore, Tom wants Medicaid available to any American who is of genuine need.

Waste, fraud and abuse of these critical programs hurts all Americans and Tom will support any efforts to bring accountability and oversight to the systems we desperately need to work.


Expanding Energy Potential 

Thanks to hard working communities like ours, America is now an energy producer.

American ingenuity has created wealth here locally not seen in decades.  Tom will fight to make sure that the energy industry can thrive while property owners receive their fair share.

Unimaginable just a decade ago, our diminished reliance on foreign oil has liberated America from the oil politics across the globe helping to make us safer.


Fighting for Our Agriculture Community

Tom has fought for our agricultural community. Our farmers are the backbone of our country, and their hard work provides so much for our people and businesses. They can count on Tom to be their voice in Washington.


Enacting Term Limits

Tom has been a long-time supporter of term limits and a term limit amendment to the Constitution.

In order to stop gridlock and politicians becoming royalty, it is imperative we move to term-limit all our legislators.

Our founders did not intend for us to be career politicians, but rather, citizen legislators. The legislation he proposed would limit members to 12 years in each chamber.


Protecting the Second Amendment

Tom is a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association and a strong supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment. He has been endorsed by the NRA and received an “A” rating. Our founders knew the importance of armed citizens to protect against tyranny, and our government should never restrict the right to bear arms.


Defending the Unborn

As a parent of two adopted children, Tom strongly opposes abortion. He has been endorsed by National Right to Life and will continue to fight for America’s more vulnerable people–the unborn.