From The Patriot-News

Ryan Barton, Marino’s campaign manager, said a recent poll shows Marino with 58 percent of voters saying he’s their choice, compared with 22 percent for Brion, 10 percent for Troiano and 10 percent undecided. The poll was taken Oct. 20-21 by Harper Polling.

The poll also said that 52 percent of voters have a favorable image of Marino, compared with 24 percent for Brion and 25 percent for Troiano.

The voters had this to say in the poll:

  • On the top issues facing the country, 23 percent said the economy and 22 percent, spending and debt.
  • On the party they would vote for to represent them in Congress, 53 percent said they would cast their ballot for a Republican and 37 percent, Democrat.
  • On the current state of the country, 74 percent said the country is on the wrong track, 53 percent held President Barack Obama responsible and 15 percent said it was the fault of Marino and Republicans in Congress.

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