Marino Garners Nearly 60% 

October 28, 2014 - Ryan Barton, campaign manager for Representative Tom Marino (R-PA-10), Lycoming County and current candidate for reelection in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District issued the following statement regarding the campaigns poll results:

“It’s encouraging to see the voters of the 10th District recognize the hard work Tom has put in on their behalf. They see he’s been on the front lines battling for their interests – they are standing with him.

And they are doing so despite the barrage of attacks his opponents launched against him. Tom’s constituents, the people he works for, can sense his opponents’ desperation and it only validates Tom’s toughness and honesty.

Tom is a guy who deals in facts. And the facts show his approval rating is above 51%, his favorability above 52% and he garners nearly 60% of the vote.”