From The Daily Review:

 [O]ur support for the upcoming term goes to the incumbent, Tom Marino, who has had a pair of notable terms as our U.S. representative. He has served the district well.

For example, to keep in touch with his constituents, he instituted conference-call town hall meetings that have proven to be very popular. People are pleased to have an easy way to talk to him and let him know what’s on their minds. They voice their opinions on things like energy, taxes, terrorism and jobs…

Our guiding standard in assessing incumbents up for re-election is whether they have done a good job. If so, in our opinion, he or she should be returned for another term. This is the case with Mr. Marino. He says he ran for Congress initially because he felt America was going in the wrong direction. In the last four years he says he’s been fighting to right America’s course in Washington. We encourage you to give Tom Marino the chance to finish what he’s started.

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