“Donald Trump’s vulgar remarks about women are disgusting and there is no excuse for this type of language. Women have been a valuable and integral part of my management teams throughout my professional career. I could not look into the eyes of my mother, my wife, my daughter or my colleagues in Congress without condemning such inappropriate comments. Women are to be respected and treated as equals – always. Donald Trump owes his supporters and all Americans an apology without mitigation.

“Many have asked if I will continue to work to support Mr. Trump’s candidacy. All I can say is that I will be watching in the coming days and I am hopeful he can make amends. The American people cannot afford another 4 years of Obama’s failed policies and that is what a Hillary Clinton presidency guarantees. She has spent virtually her entire professional life as a politician without offering real solutions for the American people. Instead of policy successes, her past as a person and politician is littered with scandals that we learn more about every day. She continuously lies to the American people and believes herself to be above the law. This is her record, and it is the type of presidency we can expect from Hillary Clinton.

“I am terribly afraid for my children’s future and know Hillary Clinton will do nothing to improve their quality of life.”