“The horrific terror attack that claimed the lives of far too many in Orlando exemplifies our desperate need for strong leadership and a comprehensive strategy to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. These attacks are not confined to the Middle East or to Europe. They have spread across our borders and American lives have been threatened and tragically lost. Yet our president refuses to acknowledge the cause of these attacks – Islamic extremism. President Obama infamously dubbed ISIS a ‘jv squad.’ He failed to adequately assess the true danger this group poses to America and to the world. He put off implementing any serious strategy to destroy these terror groups and now we must face this fight at home.

We need a leader who will not jeopardize the safety and security of Americans in the name of political correctness – a leader who will not shy away from swift and determined action to fight terrorism both abroad and in the United States. America must do more to put an end to those that wish to rule through fear and violence.”