From the Lewistown Sentinel:

LEWISTOWN – With the election less than a month away, Congressman Tom Marino, R-Williamsport, is making his rounds through the 10th District to hear constituent concerns.

Marino faces two challengers on the ballot in November, Democratic candidate Scott Brion and Independent candidate Nick Troiano.

Marino said he is a pro-life, pro-gun, fiscal conservative.

“I worked in a factory, I know what it is like to work pay check to pay check. I know what it’s like to pull yourself up by your boot straps,” he said. “I know my stuff and I will continue to be a gentlemen about it, but I’m not backing down,.”

As to what he is hearing form his constituents, “people are afraid,” Marino said. “They’re worried about ISIS, they’re worried about Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) and what it’s doing to their healthcare and jobs, not to mention the $18 trillion (national) debt.”

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