September 30, 2014 — Representative Tom Marino (R-PA-10), Lycoming County and current candidate for reelection in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District secured an endorsement for reelection from the National Rifle Association. Marino released the following statement after receiving the endorsement:

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the NRA as well as an ‘A’ rating for being a pro-second amendment candidate. I have the record to prove it and I will always remain a staunch defender of our Second Amendment Rights. I am, however, very disappointed that both of my opponents could not even bother to send their positions to the NRA for their consideration.

Sometimes we may forget the dangers our nation faced at the time of its founding and armed citizens were an essential part of maintaining peace and our autonomy from tyranny. Our Second Amendment rights are just as relevant now as they were then. In matters of defense of nation, property and family, this Constitutional right is imperative, and I believe, a vital component to the continued success of our great nation. I thank the NRA for the work they do and look forward to further protecting a right every American has the ability to fulfill.”