Congressman Tom Marino (​PA-10)​ voted today to approve the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline. It​ passed with bipartisan support ​by a vote of 252-161-1.

Congressman Marino ​released the following statement:

President Obama talks a lot about rebuilding and growing ​America’s infrastructure, and I agree–that’s why we should also approve energy infrastructure like the Keystone Pipeline.

This isn’t the first time I voted to approve the Keystone Pipeline, but I hope it’s my last. Now that the American voters have made their voices heard, let’s hope Harry Reid allows this bill to come to a vote in the Senate and the President signs it.

This project will create thousands of jobs and brings billions in economic activity to America. It’s tough to explain why the President and a shrinking number of Democrats have held up this project for so long. If President Obama wants to move toward the center and govern, this would be an obvious start.