Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) released the following statement:

“When it’s mutually beneficial to the American people and Pennsylvania’s communities, I have no problem working with Democrats. But, when we see Democrat leadership blatantly lie to us, it’s a big problem for me.

“How could Nancy Pelosi and the President disavow Mr. Gruber–who called the electorate “stupid”–when they cited him in major press conferences and major memos? How could they mislead the American people and not tell us that the administration was paying Mr. Gruber millions of our taxpayer dollars for ‘consulting’?

“That’s right folks, your tax dollars made it possible for Mr. Gruber’s attempts to mislead the American people, and the President and his Democrat cohorts condoned it. Enough is enough, it’s time for our Republican majority to lead and ensure this kind of cronyism never occurs again.

“The American people are not stupid, and with this election, they have once again demanded that we repeal Obamacare and pass market-oriented health reform. I support the Republican Study Committee’s proposal (which can be seen here), and with our renewed majority, I hope we can put this bill on President Obama’s desk as soon as possible.”