PA Congressman Calls Out Warren, Pelosi For Trying to Shutdown Government

Cogan Station, PA – Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) offered an amendment yesterday to defund President Obama’s Executive Amnesty in H.R. 83, known as “Cromnibus.”

Congressman Marino released the following statement on his amendment and the final vote on the overall bill:

Today, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi tried to hold the government hostage to their liberal agenda and force a government shutdown. They convinced Democrats to follow their antics and back out of the budget agreement.

Last year, Leader Pelosi called conservatives “hostage-takers” and said they were “acting like terrorists” for using a budget vote to cut spending and repeal Obamacare. Now, these liberals are doing worse by bolting from a deal they had already agreed to–and attempting to shutdown the government.

Make no mistake. I do not like a lot of the provisions in this bill, and the voters in my district want to stop Executive Amnesty. I authored an amendment to stop the funding for President Obama’s amnesty in this bill, but unfortunately, the amendment was not considered on the House floor.

I ended up supporting the final bill to fund the government, and I plan to continue my fight against amnesty with a new Republican Senate. My resolve has not weakened to stop Executive Amnesty, and we will have better leverage with new leadership in the Senate.