From Townhall Magazine:

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the January issue of Townhall Magazine. 

Congress needs a few more superheroes. Who better than Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA)? This representative from the 10th District of Pennsylvania may as well be a Marvel Avenger after beating cancer not once, but twice. If he can defeat a dangerous disease, who says he can’t tackle congressional legislation?

Long before Marino was chiseling away at government bureaucracy with a hammer like Thor’s, he was learning timeless lessons from his father.

“My Dad was a janitor and a firefighter,” he said. “The point my father got across was that you leave two legacies—your children and your word and loyalty. I try to live by that and I’m known as a person that can be trusted.”

Like his dad, Marino accepted jobs that taught him the meaning of hard work…

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