Tom on MSNBC – Can Trump Unify the Party?

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Tom on Fox Business Talking Brokered Convention

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Marino Talks to On The Mark

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Trump Holds Strongest lead over Clinton in PA-10

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Rep. Marino: Trump embraces nation’s priorities

That’s why I’m supporting him for president.

(Photo: Robert F. Bukaty, AP)

The America I know is gritty, plain-speaking and hardworking. It is also generous, patriotic and inclusive. It thrives on common sense and core values and understands the difference between right and wrong. The America I know bears no resemblance to the polite social circles and […]

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Tom Talks with WPHT 1210


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Marino Talks with Sue Henry on WILK


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Marino on NPR Discussing Super Tuesday

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Congressman Tom Marino Becomes First PA House Member to Endorse Trump for President

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Petition: Stop the EPA’s So-Called “Clean Power Plan”

“The ‘Affordable Care Act’ has never been affordable, and there’s nothing clean about the EPA’s ‘Clean Power Plan.’ This is simply a No Power Plan.” – Congressman Tom Marino


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