PA Congressman Calls on Third Branch to Help Stop Obama from “Trampling the Constitution”

Cogan Station, PA – This morning, Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10), a former U.S. Attorney and prosecutor, backed efforts to authorize the House to sue the President over a breach of Separation of Powers.

The President announced yesterday that he will change immigration policy without Congress—granting amnesty to millions who came here illegally.

Marino released the following statement:

 “We need leaders who are also readers–readers of the Constitution.

“When the President acts outside of his powers, it the clear responsibility the other two branches of government to stop him. That’s why I believe we need to authorize the Speaker to sue President Obama.

“The President, who was formerly a law professor, should know that Congress has clear jurisdiction and authority over immigration and naturalization. Legislating amnesty from the White House would set a precedent that would unravel our three-branch system for generations to come. 

“Trampling the Constitution will trample any hope of building the bipartisan consensus we need to run the country. If he attempts to act unilaterally, I pledge to support efforts to sue the President to stop this action immediately.” 


Dear Supporters,

Many politicians in Washington, even Republicans, are hesitant to take bold action like this. We need to show them these efforts have the support of the American people.

If you donate $10, $25, or $50, it will show everyone in Washington that you and the American people support my decision to fight amnesty and sue President Obama. – Tom