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Tom knows that the past few years have been tough on the people of Pennsylvania and he has been fighting for pro-growth policies to get America back to work. As a fiscal conservative, Tom believes that the best way to create jobs is to remove government barriers to the private sector and cut the bureaucratic red-tape that stifles innovation and success. He understands that excessive regulation on job creators in America suffocates economic growth and limits individual opportunity.

Tom will continue to fight for small business owners and hard working individuals who are the backbone of our economy by:

  • Supporting lower taxes for all hardworking Americans and reducing the job-crushing taxes on businesses that employ American workers.
  • Supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution which will stop out of control deficit spending.
  • Continuing to reduce government spending and expose the abuse, fraud, and waste in Washington.

Health Care
Tom has continuously voted to repeal, defund, and replace Obamacare at every opportunity in his first term. While Tom believes that every American should have access to quality and affordable health care, he is fundamentally opposed to the government intrusion of Obamacare into the health care decisions of American families. He believes that the law must be repealed and replaced with more effective reforms.

Tom shares the same beliefs of the people of the 10th District and will continue to:

  • Support legislation which allows small businesses to purchase health insurance across state lines and will encourage competition and reduce premiums.
  • Work to ensure that those who like their existing health coverage are able to keep it.
  • Support meaningful medical liability reforms to put an end to frivolous lawsuits that are a major driver cost driver for health care spending.
  • Work to extend equal tax treatment for the purchase of health insurance by individuals and companies.

The War on Terror
Tom understands the importance of protecting the citizens of the United States from acts of terrorists and believes that we must continue to keep our nation safe but still free. Tom wants to see our troops safely return home as soon as possible, but understands that it must be done to ensure safety and stability.

Tom believes that we must continue to keep our country safe by:

  • Giving our military and law enforcement agencies the tools that they need to fight and win the War on Terror and protect us here at home.
  • Investing in new equipment and weapons which will make our nation safer.
  • Giving military families a pay increase to acknowledge their commitment to our freedom and to recognize the difficulties that these families face while loved ones are fighting overseas.
  • Securing our border to prevent illegal immigrants and potential terrorists from entering our nation.

Tom comes from a region that has been blessed with an abundance of natural gas. This resource can make us energy independent and assist in protecting our national security. Our country's dependence on foreign oil has led us to give trillions of American dollars to foreign nations, many of which pose a serious threat to our security.

Back in Washington, Tom will vote for legislation that:

  • Allows for the safe development of domestic energy resources like oil and natural gas.
  • Encourages development of alternative and renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal and improved hydroelectric facilities.
  • Reduces the government's unnecessary regulation of domestic electric utilities which leads to unnecessarily high costs for energy, low job growth in the manufacturing sector and a stagnant economy.

Second Amendment
Tom is a member of the National Rifle Association and a strong supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Tom believes that marriage is between man and woman. He supports the Defense of Marriage Act, a law enacted by President Clinton that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman and makes it clear that no state is forced to recognize a homosexual marriage sanctioned by another state.

As a parent of two adopted children, Tom strongly opposes abortion.













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