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Tom Talks About Protecting America from Terrorism

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Marino Helps Get Funding for the Delaware Highlands Conservancy

HAWLEY – The Delaware Highlands Conservancy has announced that the federal Forest Legacy Program has allocated funding for the purposes of protecting private forestlands. Nearly $3 million will be directed to “The Northeast Connection” for the permanent protection of thousands of contiguous, un-fragmented acres of forests, lakes, and wetlands along the Little Bushkill Creek in […]

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Opposed Refugees without Enhanced Screening

I helped pass the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act. This suspended admission of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States until security officials can certify the integrity of background checks and are able to indisputably declare each refugee is not connected to terrorism or poses any threat to the United States.

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Marino Co-Sponsors Blue Lives Matter Act

In an effort to “uphold justice,” Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) introduced new legislation to expand the federal hate crime statute to include law enforcement officials.

Buck’s “Blue Lives Matter Act,” H.R. 4760, would make “an attack on a police officer a hate crime,” according to the bill’s text. The name of the legislation, filed Wednesday, alludes to […]

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Tom Marino: Trump will beat Hillary Clinton

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Tom on MSNBC – Can Trump Unify the Party?

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Tom on Fox Business Talking Brokered Convention

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Marino Talks to On The Mark

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Trump Holds Strongest lead over Clinton in PA-10

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Rep. Marino: Trump embraces nation’s priorities

That’s why I’m supporting him for president.

(Photo: Robert F. Bukaty, AP)

The America I know is gritty, plain-speaking and hardworking. It is also generous, patriotic and inclusive. It thrives on common sense and core values and understands the difference between right and wrong. The America I know bears no resemblance to the polite social circles and […]

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